Starting and Completing Split Jobs


Telstra Trades Assist provides the flexibility to split a single job across multiple workers and days without having to create individual jobs for each worker.

This article shows you how to start and complete a split job using the Android app.

Tip:  Learn how to split a job using the Planner on the Admin Console here


Starting a Split Job

  1. Tap from the top-right to start the job


Choosing a Job lead

Responsibilities within split jobs are broken into two sections, a job lead who is responsible for closing the overall job, and workers who are only responsible for starting and completing their split of the job.


  1. Select the worker who will be the Job Lead then tap mceclip2.png



Completing a Split Job


Tip: If you are working on a split job but aren’t the job lead, you only need to complete your section


  1. Tap mceclip4.png and your section of the split will be completed




Job Lead

  1. Tap mceclip7.png from the top-right of the job


  1. As the Job lead you will be presented with the option to individually complete your split, or to complete all open splits and close the Job


  1. Tap mceclip10.png to complete just your split if the other assigned worker still has work to complete, otherwise tap mceclip11.png to complete all open splits and close the job 
  2. If you’re closing the Job and all associated splits, tap mceclip12.png


  1. Select the relevant payment method then tap mceclip14.png


  1. Obtain the customer’s signature and then tap mceclip16.png




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