Project Jobs on Android


This article will take you through the steps of starting and completing a Project Job, and outline what you can do with the job in the Android  App.


Accessing the Job

  1. Tap the Job assigned to you



Starting a Project Job 

  1. Tap mceclip2.png from the top-right corner 
  2. If the job contains multiple visits or scheduled workers you will be asked to assign a Job Lead


  1. Tap a name to assign that worker as Job Lead, then click mceclip4.png to be returned to Job


Completing a Project Job

  1. Tap the In Progress job you wish to complete
  2. Tap mceclip5.png from the top right corner
  3. If you are the Job Lead you will be asked if you wish to complete just your split, or the entire job


  1. Tap mceclip7.png from the top-right to complete just your individual split, or mceclip8.png to complete all splits still open and close the Job


  1. Sign to confirm all work has been completed then tap mceclip10.png


Tip: Tap mceclip12.png if you make a mistake and need to try again

  1. Tap mceclip13.png when done


  1. If relevant, have the site supervisor enter their name and sign and then tap mceclip15.png to complete the job.
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