Completing a job


Once a Job has been scheduled, accepted and started and the work has been completed, the job can be marked as completed on the Android App.

This article shows you how to complete a job using the Android app.

Tip: Learn how to accept a Job here and learn how to start a Job here


Completing a Job

  1. Open the app mceclip3.png
  2. Find the Job you have started


  1. Tap the Job to open it


  1. Tap mceclip6.png
  2. Select payment type and then, tap mceclip7.png


Tip: The payment method does not change the process for completing a Job. It is assumed that you have your own method of collecting payment and Telstra Trades Assist will not require additional information. It will not ask for credit card numbers or prompt for Paypal accounts. This simply marks the order so the payment can be collected as required.

  1. Next, ask the customer to sign (using their finger is fine) to acknowledge completion of the work and tap mceclip9.png


  1. The job will now show as complete in your calendar


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