Kennards Hire Getting Started


From small-medium jobs to larger construction work, Kennards Hire makes your job easier with the ability to request equipment hire directly from Telstra Trades Assist.

This article will show you how to access Kennards Hire within Telstra Trades Assist, as well as how to perform the initial setup required before you place a hire request. Learn how to place an equipment hire for collection here, and learn about Kennard's delivery here.


Accessing Kennards Hire

  1. Click mceclip1.png from the side menu
  2. Click the Kennards Hire partner tile from the list of partners displayed



Tip: After clicking on the Kennards Hire partner tile you will be presented with the details display by default. Click from the tabs at the top to navigate back at a later date.

  1. In details you will see a summary of Kennards history as well as the services they offer

  2. Is this only if you’d like to contact someone from Kennards, i.e. it isn’t required to set up your Kennards account? If you’d like to contact Kennards, on the bottom of the page under  you will see 3 options
  3. Contact the number listed to speak to one of Kennards customer service representatives
  4. Click mceclip5.png to be directed to Kennards website
  5. Click mceclip6.png to organise for a call back from a Kennards agent



Optional settings

If you have a Kennards Hire account number, the first step is to link it to your Telstra Trades Assist account

  1. Click mceclip8.png from the tabs at the top.

  2. Click the field below mceclip12.png and enter your Kennards Hire account number
  3. Click mceclip13.png to save the information entered

Tip: Hire requests are still available if you don’t have a Kennards Hire account number – after placing your hire request, a member from the Kennards Hire team will be in touch to finalise details


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