Kennards Hire Collection

This article shows you how to place a Kennards Hire equipment request for collection. Learn how to place a hire request for delivery here.

Tip: If you have a Kennards Hire account number, you can link your account through Telstra Trades Assist so it’s sent with every order.  Learn how here. If not, no dramas, place your order and the Kennards Hire team will get in touch.


Requesting Hire Equipment

The first step in placing a hire request is setting your preferred Kennards Hire branch

  1. From the side menu, click Partners and then select the Kennards Hire tile
  2. Click Hire Equipment

  1. Click the drop down next to search to find your local branch. From here you can search via suburb or postcode, as well as by your current location




Tip:  Clicking mceclip35.png for the first time will trigger a browser prompt asking you to grant permission to share your location.  This message will be different depending on the browser you are using but click Allow, or Always Share Location etc. to proceed



  1. Click mceclip5.png and enter an item to search for
  2. Click mceclip6.png then select a category, or click mceclip7.png next to a category to expand for more options

  3. Click mceclip9.png to display a list of search results

Tip: If you’d like to browse all items available in a specific category, you can leave the [search equipment] box empty, choose a category or sub-category, and click [Search]. Note that only the first 50 results in the category can be displayed using this method.

Tip: Placing a hire request can be done two different ways, either collection or delivery. You are able to place an order containing items either wholly for delivery or for collection, not a mixture of both. If you need to have some items delivered but are able to collect others, simply place a separate order once you complete the hire request.



  1. Click mceclip11.png to display the collection form

  2. Click mceclip13.png or click into the mceclip14.png to update the quantity of the item to be ordered
  3. Click mceclip15.png and mceclip16.png underneath mceclip17.png and mceclip19.png then enter the required timeframes

  4. The fields under mceclip22.png , mceclip23.pngand mceclip24.png are all pre-populated based on the information already in Trades Assist for the business owner, however are editable if you need to update them

  5. Click mceclip26.png once you’ve entered the date and time for hire start and hire end
  6. Review the details displayed then click mceclip27.png



  1. Click the cart from the bottom of the page


Tip: Click mceclip30.png to remove all items from the cart or mceclip31.png next to any line item to remove just that item.



  1. Click mceclip33.png after confirming all the details are correct



Tip:  The Kennards Hire team will contact you to confirm booking details



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