Release Notes 29 March 2019

Here is a summary of the changes included in version 1.0.1

Features Added

Telstra Trades Assist Projects brings a host of new features and functionality to the Admin Console and The Mobile App enabling you to create, manage and review work Projects all in the one place.

Admin Console

New Telstra Trades Assist Projects features and functionality on the Admin Console include the ability to:

  • Create and manage Projects from a central homepage, which details all your draft, active and completed Projects


  • Attach and share documents such as plans, photos, contracts and more to the Project, with the ability to select and include these on Project Quotes, Project Invoices and even Project Jobs


  • Create and send fixed price Project Quotes including the ability to send subsequent variations to the Project Quote later in the Project, so that you can always update the Project Quote if required


  • Create and manage Project Jobs via the new dynamic Project Planner Tool so that you can plan and manage Projects in stages to suit the way you work


  • Ability to schedule Project Jobs over a duration of days, not just by hours, so that you can plan work across multiple days and aligned to when you need it completed by


  • Import your Project Quote to support the development of a cost tracked Project Plan, so that can manage your costs over the duration of the Project


  • Create and assign Project Jobs to an external sub-contractor via a Work Order, enabling you to subcontract work outside of your workforce for the first time in Telstra Trades Assist


  • Create and send Project Invoices based on:
    • percentage of your total Project Quote
    • completed Project Stages
    • incurred costs to date



iPhone and iPad App

Whilst the Admin Console will support the majority of the Projects functionality there are some new Mobile App features and functionality including:

  • New Project Job cards displayed in the calendar to support projects jobs scheduled across multiple days


  • Ability to view a summary of the Project Details on the Project Job card so that workers have a greater understanding of the whole Project, not just their assigned Project Job


  • Introduction of Plant Hire and Services, as Resource types so that you can include any potential hire equipment or additional services performed as part of a Project Job


  • Ability to request a secondary on-site sign off for Project Jobs prior to closing the job so that you can be sure the work has been completed accordingly


The changes will automatically be shown on the Admin Console next time you log in.  To update your iPad and iPhone app to version 1.0.1 follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your device
  2. Tap Updates
  3. Find Telstra Trades Assist in the list
  4. Tap Update

If you would like to know more, contact us on 1800 786 961


Version 1.0.1 Known Functionality gap:

  • The Mobile App will not include the ability to add or view attachments and notes for Project Jobs. Standard Jobs will retain this functionality. [This functionality is expected version 1.0.2]


  • The Admin Console will only have limited Reporting functionality available for Projects within Release 1.0.1. [This functionality is expected …]


  • Projects Quotes will not include the functionality to toggle GST inc / GST exc at the item level. By default Project Jobs will always inc GST [This functionality is expected]
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