Scheduling a Project Job

Once you’ve created a project job and allocated all relevant resources and attachments to it, the next step to completing the job is scheduling it. This article will show you how to schedule a project job. Learn how to create a project job here.



  1. Click mceclip0.png from the side menu
  2. Click the project you wish to add jobs to


  1. Click mceclip6.png on the progress bar if not already selected


  1. Click mceclip8.png from the top right of the job you want to schedule then click mceclip9.png

    1. Click mceclip10.png


  1. Click mceclip3.png to indicate if the split is scheduled hourly or daily
  2. Click the field under mceclip4.png to set a start time or day
  3. Click the field under mceclip5.png to set a finish time or day
  4. Select the drop-down under mceclip6.png to assign the split to a worker

Tip: Check your worker's availability by clicking  and it will tell you if this split will clash with other jobs assigned to your worker or overlap with any of your workers rostered leave.

  1. If you are scheduling hourly, click mceclip7.png to set an hourly duration for the job, and click mceclip9.png to set the minutes
  2. If you are scheduling daily, click the field under mceclip7.png to set the daily duration of the job
  3. Click mceclip10.png to save the split as a draft, or click mceclip11.png to schedule the job

Tip: Learn how to close a project job here.

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