Viewing and Editing a Project Job


Project Jobs are the pivotal point of a project, where it’s time to execute the planning put it place throughout. This article will show you how to view and edit existing project jobs, learn how to create a new project job here.


Viewing Project Jobs

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the side menu
  2. Select the relevant project


  1. Click the mceclip2.png tab from the progress bar at the top


  1. The list of currently created jobs will be listed under each project stage.
  2. Click from the top left corner of the job to re-arrange the order jobs appear within a stage or move them between stages.



Project Jobs will be displayed differently depending on if the job is scheduled by days or hours.


  1. Jobs scheduled by hours will be displayed the same way a standard job will be as seen below.


Tip: viewing a title for a Project job will always start with “PROJ” distinguishing them from standard jobs. 


  1. Jobs Scheduled by days will have a banner displayed underneath the workers name

mceclip9.png mceclip10.png

  1. The arrows point in the direction of days the job is also scheduled over.


Editing a Project Job

  1. Follow steps 1-3 to navigate to Jobs & Stages
  2. Click mceclip11.png from the top right of the job and click mceclip12.png





  1. From the details tab you can edit any field besides the Site Address. Update as necessary then click mceclip15.png or mceclip16.png from the top right.




  1. From the resources tab you can edit the labour, materials, plant hire and services originally added to the job.


  1. Click mceclip20.png next to any existing item currently added to remove it from the job.
  2. Click the drop down next to the relevant section from the side panel on the left then click  to add the new item to the job.

  1. Update as necessary then click mceclip22.png or mceclip24.png from the top right.



  1. From the attachments tab you are able to add and remove notes and files relevant to the job.
  2. Click mceclip20.png next to an existing note to remove it from the job.
  3. Click into the notes box then after typing any relevant details, click mceclip26.png to attach files as required then click mceclip27.png to add the note.
  4. Update as necessary then click mceclip22.png or mceclip24.png from the top right.



  1. All existing splits within the job will be displayed under the scheduling tab.
  2. Click mceclip28.png from the right hand side of any existing job split

  1. Click mceclip31.png to edit the job schedule

  1. Click mceclip32.png to save the changes.
  2. Click mceclip37.png then mceclip35.png to mark the job split as complete.

  1. Click mceclip33.png then mceclip35.png to delete the split.

Tip: Changing a schedule on a job for a worker will prompt a notification that their scheduled job has changed and the job will be removed from their calendar. 


Deleting a Project Job

  1. Follow steps 1-3 to navigate to mceclip0.png

  1. Click mceclip28.png from the top right of the job you wish to delete.
  2. Click mceclip33.png then mceclip38.png

Tip: Deleting a job is only possible if it is in a draft status, once a job split has been scheduled a job cannot be deleted. 


Reopening a closed job.

If the incorrect actuals have been entered on a job by a worker or you need to make an amendment, Telstra Trades Assist allows you to reopen a closed project job to make necessary changes.

  1. Follow steps 1-3 to navigate to Jobs & Stages

  1. Click mceclip28.png from the top right corner of the job you wish to reopen then click mceclip1.png
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