Creating a Project Job

Jobs are the culmination of your project planning, once a quote has been approved and the stages of the project have been planned out, it’s time to create the jobs so that your workers can complete the work relevant to the project.

This article will show you how to create a project job, click here if you’re yet to plan out the project stages required to add a job to.

Tip: Hiring a sub-contractor for a job you will need to create a work order to send to them, learn how to generate a work order for a project within Telstra Trades Assist here.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the side menu
  2. Click the project you wish to add jobs to


  1. Click mceclip2.png on the progress bar if not already selected


  1. Click mceclip4.png at the bottom of the stage you want to add a job to. The Job will open to the Details tab by default



  1. Click mceclip6.png to add a name for the job
  2. Click mceclip7.png to add a description to the job
  3. Click mceclip8.png to set a due date for the job
  4. Click the drop-down under mceclip9.png to set a priority for the job
  5. Click the drop-down under mceclip10.png to select which customer site the job will be assigned to
  6. Click the drop-down under mceclip11.png and chose an option if the job is for a partner or subcontractor

Tip: Learn how to create new partners and Subcontractors  here.

  1. Once details are filled out, click mceclip13.png in the top right corner or mceclip14.png on the progress bar to move to the next step




When planning Resources for use on the Job, you can choose to add them from your Quote Estimate. Use the Quote Items column to view Resources that were added to your estimate.


Tip: Importing from a quote is only possible if one of your sections was created using the  feature. Learn how to create a section here.


Importing from a Quote

The quotes created earlier in the Project

  1. Click  next to the quote in the Quote Items column.


  1. Click  next to the section you wish to import resources from


  1. Click  next to each resource to expand and preview the options


  1. Click the value box next to each resource to add a value for how much to add to the job, then click mceclip21.png



Tip: Allocating some or all Resources from your Quote, the available balance of that Resource that can be allocated to future Jobs will be updated.



Manually Creating Resources

Labour and Materials

  1. In each of Labour or Materials search for an existing labour or material, enter the quantity required then click mceclip27.png or mceclip28.png


  1. For an ad hoc labour rate or material beginning typing the name then click the below
  2. Fill in the Cost Price, Price and Hours/Quantity then click mceclip30.png or mceclip31.png


  1. Click the drop-down under mceclip33.png for each resource to choose which quote these resources are being drawn from



Plant Hire and Services

  1. Enter the relevant description for any required Plant Hire or Services, add a Cost Price and Price, then click mceclip35.png or mceclip36.png
  2. Click the drop-down under mceclip37.png for each resource to choose which quote these resources are being drawn from


  1. Click mceclip38.png or mceclip39.png in the progress bar to move to the next step




  1. Click mceclip42.png to enter notes for the job
  2. Click mceclip43.png to attach files to the note
  3. Click mceclip44.png to add the note to the job


Tip: Assign individual Project documents if you require the documents to be on multiple jobs.

  1. Click mceclip45.png to save the job
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