Closing a Project Job

Generally, jobs will be closed by a worker when they complete their work using the mobile app. In some situations though, such as when work has been completed by a sub-contractor, you will find that you need to close a job from the Admin Console.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click the project you would like to open

  1. Click mceclip6.png from the progress bar at the top
  2. Click mceclip7.png next to the job you would like to close
  3. Click mceclip8.png
  4. Click mceclip9.png from the progress bar at the top.


  1. Click mceclip11.png if you have a template to use
  2. In each of Labour or Materials search for an existing labour or material, enter the quantity required then click mceclip12.png or mceclip13.png
  3. For an ad hoc labour rate or material beginning typing the name then click below
  4. Fill in the Cost Price, Price and Hours/Quantity then click mceclip15.png or mceclip13.png


  1. Enter the relevant description for any required Plant Hire or Services, add a Cost Price and Price, then click mceclip16.png or mceclip17.png

  1. Click the drop-down under  for each resource to choose which quote these resources are being drawn from

  1. Click mceclip19.png or mceclip20.png to move on to the next step

  1. Click mceclip21.png to add notes that will appear on the invoice
  2. Click mceclip22.png to attach files to the note
  3. Click mceclip23.png to add the note to the invoice

  1. Click mceclip24.png next to mceclip25.png
  2. Click mceclip26.png on the pop-up box


  1. The job is now closed

Tip: Learn how to reopen jobs here.

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