Creating a Project Quote

Telstra Trades Assist enables you to create ‘Fixed Price’ Project Quotes, which can be previewed as a PDF, before sending to the Customer for approval, or internally approving yourself.

Tip: Creating a Project Quote can be done from a single Section or multiple Sections depending on how you want to structure the Project Quote. Learn how to create a project section here.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Select the relevant project from the list displayed


  1. Click mceclip2.png from the progress bar at the top
  2. A list of sections created within the project will be displayed.


Tip: Learn how to create a new project section here.

A Project Quote sub-total will appear below the Project Sections you have selected providing you with the indicative Total Project Quote you intend to create. You can also reuse sections across multiple quotes.

  1. Select the section you will be using in the quote to the customer by ticking mceclip3.png the next to the section, or select multiple if more than one section will be making up the quote.


Preview Quote

  1. Click mceclip5.png to download a preview of the quote that will be sent to the customer.

Tip: Click on the file downloaded to open the Project Quote PDF with DRAFT watermark.



Create Quote

  1. Click mceclip8.png if you don’t need to send the customer a quote for approval prior to commencing work.


  1. Click mceclip10.png from the right-hand side of the quote to be able to action the quote.


  1. From this menu you are able to view or email the quote to the customer, as well as manually approve or decline


Create and Send Quote

  1. Click mceclip12.png to create a quote to be sent to the customer.


  1. Enter a quote name as well as any email addresses required then click mceclip14.png

Tip: Adding Project Quotes can be done at any point during the Project, by repeating the steps above. This will impact Project Price by either increasing or decreasing the Total Project Quote. This will impact Project Cost by removing or adding any estimated Costs or more detailed Labour, Materials, Plant Hire or Services. 


Tip: Viewing any Project with a Quotes that has a ‘Draft’ or ‘Quote Sent’ status can be Declined. Any Project Quote with ‘Quote Accepted’ status can only be Cancelled. This will remove the Project Quote, including all Section information, from the Total Project Quote. 


Tip: Sending the Project Quote to the Customer for approval makes the status of a Project Quote automatically update once the Customer has either Accepted or Rejected the Project Quote. 

Once a Project Quote has been approved, the estimated Labour, Materials, Plant Hire and Services will be visible under Jobs & Stages, so that you can Plan your Project utilising the information you have quoted for. Learn how to Create a Project Plan here <LINK Create a Project Plan>

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