Creating a Project Section

Telstra Trades Assist provides you the flexibility to create a project section using either a simple cost and price estimate, or a detailed step by step calculation of the labour/materials and other services which will be required.

This article will show you how to create a section within a project using both the basic estimation function, as well as the detailed estimate calculator.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the side menu


  1. Select the project you’re working on
  2. Click mceclip2.png from the progress bar at the top


  1. Click mceclip4.png to display the section details


Tip:  Creating Project Quotes are done via Sections, which are key activities or scopes of work associated with the Project and included as an item on the Project Quote.

  1. In Section Details, enter a Section Name and Section Description




  1. Under Estimation, you can add an estimated Cost and Price associated with this Project Section


  1. Click mceclip8.png to finalise the Project Section



Detailed Estimate

Telstra Trades Assist enables you to create detailed Project Quotes, by including all of your estimated Labour, Materials, Plant Hire and Services required to deliver the Project. This information can be captured when creating a Project Section.

  1. From within Section Details, click mceclip10.png to create a more detailed Cost and Price estimate for this Project Section


  1. A page will be displayed where you can input Labour, Materials, Plant Hire and Services, relating to the Project Section


Tip: Creating an ad hoc item in trades assist projects is now possible i.e. an item that does not currently exist in your Parts databaseThe input of ‘Labour’ and ‘Materials’ works similar to existing Jobs in Telstra Trades Assist. 


Labour and Materials

  1. In each of Labour or Materials search for an existing labour or material, enter the quantity required then click mceclip13.png or mceclip15.png
  2. For an ad hoc labour rate or material beginning typing the name then click the
  3. Fill in the Cost Price, Price and Hours/Quantity then click mceclip13.png or mceclip15.png


  1. Click the drop-down next to the total labour or materials price mceclip19.png to adjust the job profit relevant to that line. Drag the slider to automatically update the figures below or manually update the figure within Markup, Profit or Quoted Total.



Plant Hire and Services

  1. Enter the relevant description for any required Plant Hire or Services, add a Cost Price and Price, then click mceclip20.png or mceclip21.png

Tip: We have created two new cost categories, with the ability to input ‘Plant Hire’ i.e. any equipment hire required as part of the Project, and ‘Services’ i.e. use of any sub-contractors or fixed price activities required to support the delivery of the Project.


Profit Margin

  1. Click the drop-down next to the total for each section to adjust the job profit relevant to that line.


  1. Drag the slider to automatically update the figures below or manually update the figure for Markup, Profit or Quoted Total.


Tip:  Increase or decrease your profit margin using the Estimation values. After using the Build Detailed Estimate feature, you can adjust the Price under Estimation to increase the cost to your customer, without changing the cost price to yourself. 


Itemised line Items

  1. Click mceclip24.png underneath each labour, materials, plant hire or services section to enable itemised line items on any quote sent to the customer.



  1. Click into the field underneath mceclip25.png
  2. Enter the required details then click mceclip26.png to attach any files relevant to the note.
  3. Click mceclip27.png and/or mceclip28.png to attach the note to the invoice or quote.

Tip:  Create notes which will be included on the Project Quote. These will be added in the Section information, when adding via the detailed estimate. Notes and Attachments can also be added at the main project details stage, which can then be attached to the Project Quote or Invoice. Learn how to add Project Notes and Attachments here.

  1. Click mceclip29.png once you have finished updating your detailed estimate
  2. Your detailed Estimate will now appear in the Cost & Price fields on the right-hand side of the Project Section view


Tip: Building a detailed estimate will auto-fill the estimation area if it is left blank. If the Cost and Price fields under Estimation contained information that you had previously inserted, you now have the choice to manually overwrite this with detailed estimate Cost and Price that you have just calculated. 

  1. Click mceclip31.png to finalise the Project Section

Tip: Learn how project quotes work within Telstra Trades Assist  here.

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