Projects Overview

Telstra Trades Assist Projects brings a host of new features and functionality to the Admin Console and The Mobile App enabling you to create, manage and review projects, ranging from simple to the larger and more complex projects.

New TTA Projects features and functionality include the ability to:

  • create and send fixed price quotes
  • create and manage jobs via the new dynamic Planner Tool
  • create and assign jobs to an external sub-contractor via a Work Order
  • create and send invoices as Invoice as a percentage of Total Project Quote or Invoice based on Actual Cost plus a percentage margin
  • plus many more new and exciting features and functionality

This article will provide an overview of project functionality and direct you to specific articles providing further detail on each section. 


Projects Basic Navigation

Side Menu

  • Projects - Create new projects or view and filter the list of your existing projects.
  • Invoices - View a list of invoices organized by project or create a new invoice.



Project Process

Project management with Telstra Trades Assist has been designed with your flexibility in mind. Our simple, four step end-to-end process is based on a culmination of customer research and project management best practices. Utilize and tailor our straightforward tools to suit your own project delivery style and procedures.

  1. Details

All you need to get a project started is a project name and the customer you’re delivering for. Set project-wide settings and upload project-wide attachments for use later here too. Learn how to create a project draft here.


Pull together a simple quote or dive into a detailed estimate for the delivery of your project. You can easily divide your quote into sections and use them to quote multiple options to give your customers choice. Learn how to create a project quote here.

  1. Jobs & Stages

Once your quote is approved, you can get jobs organized into a logical flow. Convert your quote to delivery stages with one click, or divide things in a different way that works for you. Learn how to create a project stage here, and here for how to create a project job.

  1. Invoices

Invoice at any time, take deposits and make progress claims as work is completed. If you’re a stickler for detail you can staple completed jobs to each invoice for your own reference. For open-book work you can even include a detailed breakdown of job information. Learn how to generate a project invoice here.


Project Jobs

Jobs that are created for Projects work similarly to standard one-off jobs you may have worked with already, but we’ve added some useful new features that make some of the more complex project work easier.

  1. Details
    A new Due Date field will notify you when your deadline for a job has passed. Here’s where you assign a subcontractor if you’ve added one to your partner list. This will let you generate and send a work order to them to get this job sorted. Learn how to generate a project work order here.
  2. Resources
    If you’ve planned your project quote in detail, you can add those plans to job resources to ensure you don’t accidentally over allocate. New Plant Hire and Services categories, as well as ad hoc Labour and Materials, allows you to allocate resources with greater flexibility.
  3. Attachments
    Attach documents all the way from the top level to ensure your workers have access to all essential information.
  4. Scheduling
    A purpose built scheduling system now lets you plan out your jobs before giving them to your workers. You can also now easily check and plan around your worker’s standard hours and planned holidays. Learn how to schedule a project job here.
  5. Actuals
    Track actuals for each of the new Resources categories with ease.
  6. Close
    Review notes your field worker(s) have attached to the job, view their confirmation signature and optionally give your final review of the project before marking it as completed. Learn how to close a project job here.
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