Cancelling Repeating jobs

Repeating Jobs are work that has a repeating schedule, such as preventative maintenance.

This article shows you how to cancel existing repeating jobs.

Tip: Learn how to edit, rather than delete repeating jobs here.


Delete Repeating Jobs

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip1.png


Tip:   Make a repeating job inactive instead of deleting it to use it at a later time but stop it from making additional jobs when not it is not needed. Click the  toggle under the  column on the right hand side, it will change to  and the repeating job will become inactive.

  1. Click mceclip5.png under the from the mceclip6.png right-hand side


  1. Click mceclip3.png to delete the repeating job template.

Tip: Cancelling a repeating job will prevent the creation of any new jobs, however, any jobs already created and scheduled on your planner will remain and need to be cancelled if no longer required.

Learn how to cancel a job using the Admin Console here.

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