Viewing and Editing Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance (PM) contracts within Telstra Trades Assist allow you to plan and invoice scheduled maintenance at regular intervals, in accordance with your customer contracts.

This article will show you how to view and edit an existing Preventative Maintenance Contract, learn how to create a new Preventative Maintenance Contract here.


Viewing a PM Contract

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip1.png


Tip: Click mceclip3.png from the top right hand side and click mceclip4.png next to any option under mceclip6.png, mceclip7.png or mceclip8.png to apply a relevant filter mceclip5.png to narrow the list of results displayed. Click from the bottom right hand corner to expand the list of results shown, otherwise click the  to move between pages.

  1. Select the PM contract you wish to view
  2. Click the tabs at the top to see different areas of the Contract

  1. mceclip9.png displays the existing details of the contract such as Cadence and invoice Value.


  1. mceclip10.png shows any Repeating Jobs attached to the PM contract that are in a Scheduled status


  1. mceclip11.png shows a history of Jobs and Invoices related to the Contract



Editing a PM Contract

Follow Steps 1 to 3 in Viewing a PM Contract


  1. Click the contract you wish to edit to bring up the Edit PM contract page.


  1. Click mceclip20.png to change the status of the contract to inactive mceclip21.png to prevent any further invoices being generated. This is an alternative to deleting the contract if it may be relevant again in the future.
  2. Click mceclip22.png to update the contract name.
  3. Click mceclip23.png to adjust the next invoice date or to adjust the last invoice date.
  4. Click mceclip24.png to adjust whether invoices are generated on a set schedule or from job actuals only.


  1. Click mceclip26.png to adjust the relevant tax type.
  2. Click mceclip27.png to adjust the frequency that invoices are generated along with mceclip28.png to change between weeks, months or years.
  3. Click mceclip29.png to adjust the invoice value.
  4. Click mceclip30.png to update the contract description customers will see on invoices.
  5. Click mceclip31.png and mceclip32.png to adjust the total estimated contract costs and revenue.
  6. Click mceclip33.png to save your changes or to discard them.


Deleting a PM Contract

Follow Steps 1 to 3 in Viewing a PM Contract


  1. Click mceclip35.png against the PM contract you wish to delete.
  2. Click mceclip36.png to delete the contract.


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