Managing Workers Bands and Qualifications


Telstra Trades Assist allows you to assign bands and qualifications to workers to help you schedule the right worker with the correct qualifications to the job.

This article shows you how to assign an existing band or qualification to a worker using the Admin Console.

Tip: Learn how to add additional worker skills here.


Managing Worker profile

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu


  1. Click the worker profile from the list


  1. Click mceclip1.png from the tabs at the top


  1. Click mceclip2.png from the drop-down under the Band heading to choose a Band for the worker.
  2. Click mceclip3.png from the drop-down under the Qualification heading to choose a qualification to give to the worker
  3. Click mceclip4.png to add an expiry date for the qualification


  1. Click mceclip6.png to add the qualification to the workers’ profile.


  1. Click mceclip8.png the band and added qualifications are now saved in the workers’ profile.


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