Resetting a password for a Worker


Whilst workers can reset their own passwords using the Forgot Password link from the iPhone or iPad app login screen, an administrator can also do it for them using the Admin Console.  This will send an email to the worker, inviting them to reset their password.

This article shows you how to reset a password for a worker from the Admin Console.

Tip:  Learn how a worker can set their own password from the iPhone or iPad app here.


Resetting a password for a Worker

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu


  1. Click the appropriate worker from the list to view Edit Worker


  1. Click mceclip2.png from the tabs at the top
  2. At the top of the Settings page, you will see the Worker’s email address and a button to send a new password invitation email to the worker


  1. Click mceclip4.png to send a password reset email to the email address shown in the Settings tab
  2. The worker will receive an email with a link for them to change their own password

Tip: Using the email link is the only option to change a password, you cannot directly access or change the password for them or yourself. 

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