Adding an Asset Meter Reading


Assets can help you keep track of your customer assets and allow you to provide preventative maintenance services to your customers.  Assets can also help you keep track of your own business assets so you know where your key investments are, the condition they are in, and how often they are being used.

Assets created in Telstra Trades Assist may include meters which allow you to add readings, to help monitor and maintain the Asset over time

This article will show you how to add Asset Meter Readings to an Asset in Telstra Trades Assist.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu


  1. Click the asset you wish to add a meter reading to
  2. Click mceclip2.png


  1. Click mceclip5.png for a Gauge or Continuous meter and enter a new value
  2. Click mceclip6.png  and select from the drop-down menu for a Characteristic meter

Tip: Using different types of meter readings suit different situations. Learn more about the different types of meter readings here.

  1. If an asset has multiple meters, you can enter data for all of them in one step
  2. Click mceclip7.png to save the new meter reading
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