Creating a Preventative Maintenance Contract

Preventative Maintenance contracts within Telstra Trades Assist allow you to set in place an agreement for an amount to be invoiced to a customer for any work to be carried out.

This article will show you how to create a new Preventative Maintenance contract, learn how to view and edit an existing PM contract here.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip1.png
  3. Click mceclip2.png in the top right-hand corner


Fill out all fields, as all field are mandatory

  1. Contract name – this will be the name of the contract
  2. Click mceclip3.png and start typing the customer’s name to attach a customer to the contract
  3. Select the Contract Type
  4. Click mceclip4.png under First Invoice Date to set a date for the first invoice. Repeat this step for the End Date
  5. Click mceclip5.png and choose the option by which you will be invoicing the customer for this contract.
  • Invoice Schedule: is the default option and will invoice the customer the contract amount each invoice date irrespective of the work carried out during the invoice period.
  • Actuals Only: will only invoice the customer for any work actually performed as a part of this contract, rather than as a part of a schedule.
  • Schedule and Actuals: will invoice as a combination of both, where the customer will be invoiced each month as per the contract but also for any work actually performed.


  1. Click mceclip7.png to select the appropriate tax code for this contract
  2. Click mceclip8.png and enter a number to determine the frequency, then click mceclip9.png and use the drop down to set the required cadence for the contract


  1. Click mceclip11.png and set the dollar value for the invoices
  2. Enter a description to appear on the invoices by clicking mceclip12.png
  3. Click mceclip13.png to enter a value of the estimated total cost of the contract
  4. Click mceclip15.png to enter a value of the estimated total revenue of the contract
  5. Click mceclip16.png and the contract is now done.

Tip: create a repeating job once the contract has been created so that any work related to the contract can be carried out. Learn how to create a repeating job here.

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