Updating a purchase order

Once you have created a purchase order, it will be displayed in Purchase Orders within the Side Menu under Stock. To update the purchase order when you have received the stock from the supplier you will need to go into the purchase order to mark it as received, to ensure your stock levels are accurate.

This article shows you how to receive stock which has been ordered by Telstra Trades Assist.

Tip: Learn how to order stock through a purchase order here


Updating received quantity for a purchase order

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click 


Tip: checking the status of a Purchase order will be one of two statuses. Purchase orders with an Open status have items that are still outstanding on the order, whereas purchase orders with a Complete status have received and/or canceled all items on the order. 

  1. Click the purchase order you want to update


  1. Enter the number of received stock items in the  column for each stock item

Tip: Click  to auto-fill all the received quantities.

  1. Click 
  2. If you want to cancel the outstanding stock items on a purchase order click  and the remaining items will be canceled

Tip: Notify your supplier if you cancel your outstanding orders. The  function in Telstra Trades Assist functions only for your tenancy records.


  1. Once all items are received and updated the Purchase order will change to a complete status.
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