Viewing and Editing Labour Rates


Labour rates are one of the key components of all job as they allow you to place a value on the time you or your workers spend completing work for your customers.

This article shows you how to view and edit existing labour rates

Tip: Learn how to create a new labour rate here


Viewing Labour Rates

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip1.png from the tabs along the top of the page
  3. Click mceclip2.png to search for a specific labour rate

Tip:  Add filters for Active or Disabled labour rates by clicking mceclip3.png and either mceclip4.png or mceclip5.png by clicking the mceclip6.png mceclip7.png. To remove the filter click mceclip8.png.

  1. Click  to expand the list of results beyond 10 if you have a lot of different labour rates otherwise click  to move between pages.


  1. Click the name of the Labour you’d like to view to show its details



Editing Labour Rates

  1. From step 5 above
  2. Click the status toggle mceclip15.png to change it to inactive mceclip17.png if you don’t want it to appear when creating jobs, but do not want to delete it
  3. Click mceclip20.png to update the name of the labour rate
  4. Click mceclip21.png to change the tax code
  5. Click mceclip22.png to update the cost price
  6. Click mceclip23.png to update the Customer price

Tip: Cost price is the price you pay as a business to the worker that labour rate applies to, Customer price is the price you charge your customers for that labour rate.


  1. Click the mceclip24.png toggle to update the labour rate as being tax exempt then click mceclip25.png to enter the tax exemption code/reason
  2. Click mceclip26.png to save your changes, or mceclip27.png to discard them


Deleting or Disabling a Labour Rate

If a labour rate hasn’t yet been associated with a job, you can delete it.  If the labour rate has been used in a Job, you can only disable it, to protect historical data within Telstra Trades Assist.

  1. Click mceclip10.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip11.png from the tabs along the top of the page
  3. To delete a labour rate click mceclip12.png next to the Labour Rate you wish to delete
  4. Click mceclip13.png to delete the labour rate


  1. To disable a labour rate slide the toggle from mceclip17.png to mceclip15.png
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