Managing Customer Pricelists


Pricelists within Telstra Trades Assist allow you the ability to apply a Mark-up or Mark-down against parts or parts groups in your inventory, giving you the ability to adjust prices for certain Customers without adjusting the base price.

This article shows you how to add a price list to a Customer as well as how to remove it when it is no longer required.


Adding a Pricelist to an Existing Customer

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Select the Customer from the Customer list
  3. Click mceclip1.png


  1. Under Pricelist, click mceclip2.png, as you start typing, matching Pricelists are displayed.
  2. Click  to add the Pricelist
  3. If you need to create a new Pricelist, click mceclip3.png


  1. Click mceclip5.png and enter the name of the Price List.
  2. Click mceclip6.png under mceclip7.png
  3. Click  next to any part/parts group you wish to add to this Price List.
  4. Click mceclip7.png under mceclip10.png if you need to filter the list of parts/parts group if you need to filter to only certain selections
  5. Click  next to any filtered results to remove them from the Price List
  6. Click  next to  to adjust the Mark-up on the part
  7. Enter the Date range relevant to the part(s)/parts groups(s) you have added


  1. Click mceclip11.png and you will be returned to the Edit Customer page
  2. Click mceclip12.png

Tip: Add a Price List during the creation of a Customer if you require one. Learn how to create a Customer here. The process is the same once you reach the tab from Step 3.


Deleting a Pricelist from a Customer

  1. Click mceclip13.png from the Side Menu
  2. Select the target Customer from the Customer list and the Edit Customer page will appear


  1. Click mceclip16.png
  2. Click mceclip15.png next to the Pricelist you’d like to remove
  3. Click mceclip14.png
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