While it is always recommended to close a Job using the mobile app on iPhone or iPad, sometimes it isn’t possible and you may wish to close the Job manually from the Admin Console so you can invoice a customer.

This article shows you how to close a Job using the Admin Console.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip1.png from the top of the page to search for the Job or locate the Job from the Jobs list
  3. Click the relevant Job to bring up the Edit Job page


  1. Click mceclip2.png from the tabs at the top to check the quoted Labour and Materials
  2. Click mceclip3.png from the tabs at the top

Tip:  Adding actuals for the Job will depend on what stage the Worker got up to when completing the Job in the app. If the worker entered the Labour and materials used, these will be visible when viewing the Job in the Admin Console, and you will just need to close the Job. If not, you will need to manually add the Labour and Materials used otherwise the Job will show as $0 when you generate an Invoice. 

  1. If the actual labour and materials have already been added by the Worker, proceed to step 13 after reviewing the Actuals entered
  2. If you need to add Labour and Materials, click mceclip4.png and select the relevant Labour rate then click mceclip5.png and enter the number of Hours of Labour used
  3. Click mceclip6.png to add the Actual Labour used to the Job
  4. Click  to remove any Labour or Materials not required
  5. Repeat steps 7 – 9 to add Materials used


  1. Click mceclip7.png to lock in the Actuals entered
  2. You will be returned to Jobs. Click the relevant Job again to update the status.


  1. Click mceclip10.png from the top and change the job status to mceclip12.png

  1. The Job has now been closed and is ready to be invoiced.

Tip: Learn how to generate an invoice here

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