When you activate your Telstra Trades Assist account, your Worker Profile will be created automatically. However, you will still need to fill in your personal details, including your name, skills, and availability. This is especially important if you will be involved in working on jobs or completing tasks.

This article shows you how to edit your Worker Profile from the Admin Console.


Editing your Worker Profile

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu


  1. Click on your Worker Profile
  2. The Edit Profile page opens on the Details tab by default




  1. Click  and  to add additional phone numbers and email addresses respectively
  2. Click  next to any old phone numbers or email addresses to delete them
  3. Click  to change your address, which will be your usual starting address for the day
  4. Click the other tabs along the top of the Edit Worker Page to change data in Settings, Availability and Skills





Tip: You will notice on Settings, your layout is slightly different to that of a regular Worker.  As the Telstra Trades Assist account holder, for security reasons, it is not possible for your access to the admin console or the mobile app to be switched off

  1. Click mceclip1.png to change your access role

Tip: Permission to access workers cannot be turned off for the main account holder, so you can always adjust and restore your permissions

  1. Click on the next tab once you have finished making your changes




  1. Click  next to a given day to delete the availability for that day
  2. Fill out the following fields to create new availability times


  1. Click  once filled out to add the availability to the list
  2. Perform the same actions to delete or add any holidays. The fields will differ slightly.


  1. Click  to add any new holiday times
  2. Click the next tab to continue editing your profile




  1. If you need to update a qualification expiry date, first delete the existing Qualification. Click  to remove, then fill out the following fields to update the Expiry Date


  1. Click mceclip2.png to add the updated qualification data to your profile
  2. Click mceclip3.png
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