Adding Notes to an Asset


If your business is tracking business or customer-owned assets you can add a note to an Asset using the mobile app.

This article will show you how to add a note to an Asset using the Mobile App on iPhone or iPad.

Adding notes to an Asset

  1. Tap  from the tabs at the bottom of the app


  1. Select the Asset you want to add a note to
  2. Scroll down until you find 
  3. Tap  to open a Note screen where you will see 2 options:


  1. If you select  you can link up to 1 Asset to that Note. Tap on the Asset you want to link from the Link asset screen.


  1. If you select , this will open the camera from where you can take a photo which can be attached as a Note


  1. Tap  to save the Note
  2. To delete the Note, tap
  3. To share the Note, tap 
  4. Once the note is saved, you can see all the Notes for the Asset in the notes section


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