Creating an Asset


Assets can help you keep track of your customer assets and allow you to provide preventative maintenance services to your customers.  It can also keep track of business assets so you know the condition they are in and how often they are being used.

This article shows you how to create an Asset using the iPhone app.  If you’re using the iPad app, it will look similar.


Creating a new asset

  1. Tapfrom the tabs at the bottom of the app


  1. Tap  at the top right of the app
  2. This will bring you to the  screen
  3. If you have asset templates set up you can search for or create a new template here
  4. Tap  to add an Asset from scratch


  1. The New Asset page will appear


  1. Fill in the required information
  2. Swipe down and tap  to set a location for the New Asset
  3. The  screen will appear, if the Asset is yours select Your Business and if it is a Customer Asset, tap the Customer and tap onto Customers Address


  1. If Customer Address is selected the Select Customer page will appear, select the appropriate customer.


  1. Once you have selected the customer it will take you back to the page


  1. Scroll down and fill in the information for the Assets 
  2. Tapping into each of the 4 options will bring up a scroll selection screen allowing you to select the appropriate information


  1. Purchase Info has a toggle named ‘We own the asset’. Toggle  this to Green should the asset be owned by your company, if the customer owns the asset turn the toggle off.
  2. Fill in the Purchased from and Purchase cost details
  3. The Install date can also be selected which will bring up a date selection screen allowing you to select the install date


Tip:Add notes to the asset if there is anything missing from the current list of fields to fill in. Learn how to add notes or pictures to an asset here

  1. Tap  once all information has been entered to complete the creation of the Asset.
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