Re-drafting a Quote


If you've sent a Quote to a customer but realize you have missed some important information, you can easily re-draft the Quote and re-send it to the Customer.

This article shows you how to re-draft a quote using the iPhone App.  If you are using the iPad app

Tip: Learn how to create a quote on your iPhone here.


Find and Action the Quote

  1. Tap  from the tabs along the bottom of the screen
  2. Select  to see a list of all active Quotes under Pending


  1. If you are using an iPhone to view the Quotes, you can tap  to call the customer directly or Tap the job card to view the details
  2. Tap  for options.  See below for the actions you can perform for the Quote






  1. Tap  to make adjustments to the Quote and resend it to the Customer or Administrator, as required
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