Viewing Completed Jobs


You may need to go back and review Jobs which have been completed to double check details or update the Job with new information.

This article will show you how to view a completed Job using the iPhone app.  If you are using the iPad app, it will be similar.

  1. Tap  from the tabs at the bottom of the screen  

  1. Tap  from the tabs at the top of the screen


  1. Tap  from the top and either choose  or the specific Worker who completed the Job


Tip: View other Workers’ Jobs if your permissions are set to allow it. Learn more about how permissions work within Telstra Trades Assist here.

  1. Tap  from the top of the screen to search for the Job or scroll through the list
  2. Tap the Job to view Job details


Tip: search for a summary of the job details by navigating to the individual Customer and tapping on their customer history If you know the customer the job was completed for, but not the name of the job or the job number, learn how to do this here.

  1. Tap  from the bottom of the page to add a new note to the Job.


Tip: Create a task if you need to undertake follow-up work such as checking on completed Jobs without charging the customer.  The Task will still let you track your workers’ time without a cost associated with the work or charge to the customer.  We suggest this because once a Job is complete, you cannot make any changes to the Job from the iPhone or iPad app apart from adding notes, including photos.  If changes are needed once the Job is completed, such as adjusting labour or materials and you don’t want to create a task, changes can be made from the Admin Console. Learn how to add a Task using the mobile app here.

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