Adding Notes to a Job or Quote


Telstra Trades Assist allows you to add Notes with pictures or links to Assets and choose if those Notes should appear on the Quote or Invoice.

This article shows you how to add a Note to a Job or Quote on the iPhone app.  If you’re using the iPad app, it will look similar.


Adding Notes to Job                                                                                

  1. Tap 


  1. Tap a Job to open it


  1. Swipe down on the job card and tap  at the bottom


  1. Tap  to link an Asset to the Note
  2. Tap  to add a Photo to the Note
  3. Or you can just start typing in the free text field to add a written note
  4. Tap  or  from the bottom of the app to attach the note to the quote, invoice or to the job.


  1. Tap  when you are finished to return to the job card. The Note will be visible just above 


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