Viewing Quotes


Every Job begins with a Quote.  Telstra Trades Assist allows workers with the required access to view Quotes which have been sent to Customers and not yet accepted to enable follow up and help win more business.

Tip: Learn how permissions with Telstra Trades Assist affect what you can and can’t access here

This article shows you how to view Quotes using the mobile app on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap  from the tabs at the bottom of the screen 


  1. Tap  from the tabs at the top of the screen


  1. Tap  and either choose  or the specific Worker who created the Quote


  1. The Quote will either fall under  if it is about to expire or  if recently sent


  1. Tap  from the top of the screen to search for the Job or scroll through the list
  2. Tap  to call the Customer directly from the app or  to display more options such as approving or re-drafting a Quote


Tip: Learn how to convert a Quote to a Job here and Learn how to re-draft a Quote here.

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