A Task is an activity that is non-billable and can be used to schedule appointments such as a staff meeting, collecting parts, or site visits. Creating and scheduling a task will block out time in your or another worker’s calendar so that your team can not only see jobs being worked on but non-billable activities too.

This article shows you how to create a Task and schedule it to a worker’s calendar using the app which we will show on the iPhone.  If you are using the iPad, it will look similar. 


Creating a Task

Using quick access

  1. Press and hold the Telstra Trades Assist icon on your iPhone or iPad


  1. Select New Task then follow from step 3 below


Within the App

  1. Tap  from  or  
  2. Tap  from the drop-down menu

  1. Tap  to add a title
  2. Enter a brief description of the Task and the activities required
  3. Tap  if the task applies to a Customer. For example, collecting parts for a specific Customer
  4. Search to select a Customer or choose from your most recent Customers

  1. If the Customer has more than one Site, select the Site from the list

  1. Tap  if you need to change/remove the Customer
  2. Tap  when you’re ready to assign the Task to a Worker

Tip: Leave the customer field blank if the task is not related to a Customer! It might be that you need to pick up equipment or supplies before attending a job, but isn’t specific to the job. 

  1. Assign the task to a worker

Tip: assign the Task to another Worker if you have the access to do so 

  1. Schedule the Task by selecting the Date and Duration
  2. The Calendar will show available time

  1. Tap  to schedule the Task
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