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Partners contain suppliers or companies that can help you run your business more effectively and include a range of leading industry providers in the field of accounting software, insurance, business coaching, education, and associations. You can also add your own suppliers and price lists for ordering stock from Partners.

This article will show you how to view and edit Partners in Telstra Trades Assist.

Tip: Learn how to create a new partner here.


Viewing Partners

  1. Click mceclip1.png from the Side Menu


Tip: Filter Partners using the  button in the top right corner.  The filter button categorises Partners into groups.  By default, the filter is set to active, partners which have been disabled will only be visible if ticked. 


  1. Click a Partner Tile to view the services that partner provides and where available, contact details


Tip: Filter partners based on the services they provide, such as Insurance and My Providers.   Any partner you create is assigned to the My Providers category by default.


Editing Partners

Tip:  Edit Partners which you add yourself at any time, the default partners which are present when you first log in to Telstra Trades Assist cannot be edited. 

  1. Click the Partner Tile for the partner you wish to edit



Tip: Import supplier price lists using a CSV template directly from within the partner’s screen. Learn more about importing price lists here

  1. Click 


Partner Logo

  1. Click  from the top left to add a copy of the partners' logo to their tile

Tip: Drag and drop a file containing the partner’s logo directly onto the area to attach it. 


  1. Drag the  left or right to re-size the logo then click mceclip5.png when complete


  1. Click  from the top left of the partner's logo to remove it

Partner Details

  1. Edit the name, contact details, and customer number for your selected Partner if required


Tip: Manually adjust the business name if you need to. Also note that the ABN will initially auto-generate the name of the business. 

  1. Click mceclip8.png to add another location.  Each location can have its own email and phone number associated with it


  1. As you enter an address, the form will validate the address for map tracking

TipCreate a separate partner of the same name rather than an additional address if you require a different customer numbers for different locations because Telstra Trades Assist allocates a single customer number with multiple locations of the same business.

  1. Click  to delete additional addresses
  2. Click mceclip10.png to the right of the primary address if you need to change the primary address for the Partner.  This is a required field, so you will need to type in a new address (or the same one if you did it by mistake) to save the Partner
  3. Click mceclip11.png to save your changes
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