Scheduling a Job on iPhone


Once a Quote is approved, a Job can be scheduled which will trigger a Job request notification to be sent to a worker’s iPhone or iPad to accept or a reject the Job.  When a Job is accepted by a Worker it is scheduled into their calendar and visible to any other worker with the right permissions.

This article will cover how to schedule a Job using the iPhone app


Tip:  To learn about worker permissions Click here 

Tip:  To learn how to create a job using the Admin Console Click here or from the Mobile App click here


Scheduling an approved Job

  1. Tap  from the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap  from the top of the screen
  3. Tap the Job you would like to schedule to show the Job Card


  1. Tap  on the Job Card, Alternately, you can tap the Job card to open the Job details and tap  for options and select  from the menu



  1. Tap to select a worker.  By default you can only add one worker to a job.
  2. Tap if you wish to add a second worker by splitting the job
  3. Tap to split the job if you need to work over multiple days. You have the option to assign this extra day to a different worker.
  4. Tap  to finish scheduling the Job.  The worker will receive a notification on their iPhone or iPad and the Job will show up on their Calendar and Jobs.



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