Scheduling a Job in Planner on iPad


Once a Quote is approved, a Job can be scheduled which will trigger a Job request notification to be sent to a Worker to accept or a reject the Job.  When a Job is accepted by a Worker it is scheduled into their calendar and visible to any other worker with the right permissions.

This article will cover how to schedule a job using the iPad app

Tip: Learn about worker permissions here

Tip: Learn how to create a job using the Admin Console here, and from the Mobile App here 


Scheduling using the Planner

  1. Tap  from the options at the bottom of the app to bring up the Planner

Tip: Drag the job over to the right if the worker you are looking for is not visible and the screen will automatically scroll to the right. Alternatively, you can filter workers by tapping  next to their name or tapping  in the top right hand corner and tapping the workers you wish to see. You can undo these filters by tapping  in the  filter menu. 

  1. Tap and drag the Job you wish to schedule to the required worker, date and time. The worker will receive a notification on their iPhone and the Job will show up on their Calendar and in their Jobs.

  1. The Job is now scheduled and the notification to the worker has been sent


Split Jobs

Sometimes you may wish to split a Job so that work may be scheduled to different workers or over different days.

To split a Job.

  1. Tap  on the Job you wish to split
  2. Select 
  3. Tap  or 
  4. Tap 
  5. The job will then change to show  at the top of the Job
  6. Tap the Job
  7. Drag each split to the required Worker or day as demonstrated above
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