Converting a Quote to a Job


If a Quote is accepted by a customer through email, it automatically converts to a job ready to be scheduled.   If you are creating a Quote and have verbal approval to do the work, you will need to convert the Quote into a Job.

This article shows how to convert a Quote to a Job using the iPhone app.  If you are using an iPad, it will look similar. 

Tip: Learn how to create a quote from the Admin Console here, or from the iPhone or iPad App here.

Selecting the Quote

  1. Tap  from the options at the top of the screen
  2. Tap  and you will see a list of all active Quotes.  Scroll down to select the appropriate Quote.


  1. Tap  for additional options for the Quote. Alternately, you can tap the Quote to view the details and then tap  for options.  Both menus are similar with the option to call the customer appearing at the top of this list when you chose to view the Quote option.





Tip: Tap  to make adjustments to the Quote and resend to the customer or administrator for approval. 

  1. Tap
  2. The Quote has now been converted to a Job and will appear under Jobs. You can confirm by tapping mceclip0.png 

Tip: Talk to your administrator if you don’t have the right permissions and need to approve quotes. 

  1. Scroll to find the Job you just approved

 Tip: Schedule a Job to start immediately or in the future by selecting ‘Schedule’  at the bottom of the Job card and then selecting the worker and date and time. This will add it to the work schedule. 

Quotes approved by Customers

When you send a Quote to a customer, they will receive an email allowing them to approve or reject the quote.


  1. If the customer approves the quote through email, admin will receive an email advising the Job has been approved. The Quote will then be converted to a Job and will appear under Jobs. You can confirm by tapping on .


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