Creating a Job or Quote

Every Job begins with a Quote. Using Telstra Trades Assist you can easily create Quotes while you're onsite or in the office and email it to your Customer to review and accept.

This article shows you how to create a Quote using the app which we will show on the iPhone.  If you are using the iPad, it will look similar. 

Tip: If you don't need the Customer to accept the quote, you can approve the Quote yourself and continue to schedule the job.


Creating a Quote

There are a couple of ways you can create a quote

Using quick access

  1. If you have 3D touch-enabled on your iPhone (6s and later) firmly press the Telstra Trades Assist icon from the home screen to bring up a list of options

  2. Select New Job/Quote then follow from step 3 below 

Tip: 3D touch allows you to firmly press an icon on the home screen as a quick way to access a range of frequently used functions within an app. 


Within the App

  1. Tap  from  or  or
  2. Tap 
  3. Type the customer name to search and select the Customer that the job is for


  1. Tap on 
  2. Tap or search the customer you wish to create a job/quote
  3. Tap on the  on the customer profile
  4. Tap on New Job/ Quote

  5. Select the site address at which you will do the work

    Tip:  If the site address is not listed, a new site address will need to be added to this Customer, click here

  6. Tap  to create a custom quote.  If you are using a template, tap the required template and the customer and job details will automatically appear.  (You can edit these fields prior to sending a quote by following the same steps below.)
  7. Give the Job a Title and add a short description to provide more detail on the Job

  8. Set the urgency of the job as required
  9. Scroll down to see all fields

  10. Tap  to add the required labour to the quote
  11. Select Labour Type to confirm the type of labour needed
  12. Select the Duration needed to complete the Job
  13. Hourly rate and total price will be automatically populated
  14. Tap Done
  15. Tap 
  16. Search your Parts list by typing the name of the part and select the required part to add materials to the Job
  17. Tap  to add a new material if the material doesn’t exist in your parts list

    Tip: Parts added through the Mobile App will need to be added again using the Admin Console if they are required for future use as those added through the iPad or iPhone app are just ad hoc, click here to find out how to add new materials

  18. Tap the material to add to the Job
  19. Select the Quantity for the Job
  20. Tap  to add the material to the Job.  
  21. If additional materials are required, continue to add materials by repeating steps 14 to 19.
  22. Tap  if you need to add a checklist for your worker
  23. Search for and add the Checklist

  24. Tap to choose the Insurance Certificate you want to send along with your quote if required. If it is set to send automatically it will already be listed.

    Tip:  To see more on how to share your Insurance Certificate through the iPad or iPhone app click here

  25. Tap  to attach a text or image note to the Job.

    Tip: To learn how to add a note to a quote click here 

  26. Tap Done

  27. Select the action from the drop-down menu (the actions you see will depend on your access permissions). If you have permission to create Quotes, a menu will appear which gives you the option of saving the Quote to drafts, sending the Quote to the customer, sending the Quote to a manager for approval or simply approving the Quote yourself


Tip: If you are the admin, you can pre-define settings for your team members so all Quotes come to you before they are sent to the customer, or the team member can have authority to send directly to the customer, and you are notified of the Quote at the same time. To learn how to adjust employee permissions, click here


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