If a customer agreement changes once Repeating Jobs have been created in Telstra Trades Assist, you can edit the duration and frequency of the Job and these changes are automatically updated in your workers’ calendars.

This article will show you how to manage existing Repeating Jobs.  Learn how to create Repeating Jobs here.


  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click mceclip2.png from the expanded menu


  1. Click the Repeating Job that you would like to manage


  1. Use the tabs at the top to navigate between Details, Labour & Materials, Assets, Checklist and Schedule.




  1. Click mceclip5.png from the tabs at the top
  2. Click  from the right-hand side to display the list of site contacts to choose from.


  1. Click the field under mceclip12.png to update or add a new job description.
  2. Click mceclip6.png to save any changes or move on to the next tab.


Labour and Materials

  1. Click mceclip13.png from the tabs at the top
  2. Click mceclip14.png to search for a labour rate, click mceclip15.png to set the total number of labour hours required then click mceclip16.png
  3. Click  to remove any labour no longer required.
  4. Repeat the same steps to add or remove Materials from the repeating job template.

Tip: Click the mceclip17.png next to mceclip18.png and  mceclip19.pngif you want a detailed list of labour rates and materials to appear on the invoice sent to the customer.

  1. Click mceclip6.png to save any changes or move on to the next tab.



  1. Click mceclip20.png from the tabs at the top
  2. Click mceclip21.png to search for a list of assets, click  to associate the asset to the job
  3. Click  to remove an asset no longer required on the repeating job.
  4. Click mceclip6.png to save any changes or move on to the next tab.



  1. Click mceclip22.png from the tabs at the top
  2. Click mceclip23.png to search for a checklist to add to the repeating job
  3. Click  to add a checklist and click  to remove a checklist
  4. Click mceclip6.png to save any changes or move on to the next tab.



  1. Click mceclip24.png from the tabs at the top

Tip: Scheduling within repeating job templates is broken into two areas, Job Details and Recurring Job Details.


Job Details


  1. Update the Job Title, completion time and Priority as required.


Recurring Job Details


  1. Click the drop-down under mceclip27.png to associate a PM contract.
  2. Click the drop-downs under mceclip28.png and mceclip29.png to set the cadence for jobs to occur.


  1. Click the fields under  and  to adjust the dates for jobs to be scheduled in accordance with the changes that have been made.


Tip: viewing Next Appointment shows the next date that a job has not been scheduled for, this is controlled by the Auto Creation function within the My Business options. Learn how to adjust how far in advance Repeating Jobs will be auto-created within Telstra Trades Assist here.

When editing this date make sure not to adjust this to a date prior to what is already listed otherwise new versions of the repeating job will be created, resulting in the need for manual deletion.

Learn how to reschedule any previously created jobs using the planner on the Admin Console here.

  1. Select the drop-downs under Auto Schedule to update the worker and the time for the job to be completed


  1. Click mceclip6.png when you have finished editing the repeating job


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