Setting up Fast Login


Depending on which iPhone or iPad you are using, you can set up a PIN, TouchID, or FaceID, giving you quick access to the Telstra Trades Assist app without having to enter your username and password.

This article will show you how to set up Fast Login to Telstra Trades Assist on your iPhone or iPad. 

Tip: Turn on Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone or iPad for the fast login options to be available with Telstra Trades Assist. Touch ID and Face ID are limited to one user per device. Learn how to set up Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad here and Face ID here


Setting up Touch ID or Face ID for Telstra Trades Assist

  1. Tap  from the tabs at the bottom of the app
  2. Tap


  1. There will two options available, Create Pin and either Use TouchID or Use FaceID depending on what your fast login option your iPhone or iPad supports


  1. Tapping onto will prompt you to select a 4 digit pin code


  1. Tap if you have a TouchID supported iPhone or iPad. You will be prompted to hold your finger on the Finger Print sensor to setup TouchID.


  1. Tap  if you have a Face ID supported iPhone or iPad. You will be prompted to scan your face to setup Face ID
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