An asset card contains the information required to manage assets, regardless of ownership, allowing you to manage regular maintenance, and track the lifespan and value of the asset.

This article shows you how to view an Assets’ details through the Asset card.  Learn how to create a new Asset here


  1. Click  from the Side Menu

  1. You can filter Assets by name, customer, address, serial number, status name and status by clicking 

  1. Click the Asset you’d like to view to bring up Asset details
  2. Each asset has the following tabs:
  • Assets: shows general details of the Asset

  • Notes: Shows all notes that have been attached to the Asset and allows you to add new notes

  • Meters: Create new meters and add readings here

  • History: Shows the job history of the Asset

  • Event: Add and see previously added Events for the Asset, such as installation


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