Sharing an Insurance Certificate of Currency

Telstra Trades Assist can help you share your Certificate of Currency with a customer to confirm the details of your current insurance policies. 

You can attach it directly to a quote you will send to your customer, or display it while speaking to someone in person.

This article will show how to share your Certificate of Currency on an iPad or iPhone.

Tip: These options will only be visible if you have attached a copy of your Certificate of Currency to your insurance policy on the Admin Console.  To learn how to do this, click here


Viewing and Sharing the Certificate of Currency in the iPhone or iPad App

Tip: The following process is only accessible to the primary account holder.  Workers and Global Admins and will need to work with the business owner to share an Insurance Certificate of Currency.

  1. Log into the Telstra Trades Assist iPad or iPhone app (this must be the account holder)
  2. Tap icon1.png
  3. The insurance policies will be listed


  1. Tap a policy to view its Certificate of Currency
  2. Tap icon2.png to share the certificate with the standard iPad or iPhone sharing options including AirDrop, Message, Email, etc.


Tip: you can also attach an Insurance Certificate of Currency when creating a quote on your iPad or iPhone App. To learn how, click here

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