Adding an Insurance Policy and Certificate of Currency

Telstra Trades Assist allows you to save information on your insurance policies within your Business Profile.  This gives you an easy way to attach your Certificate of Currency to quotes, monitor insurance expiration dates and email a Certificate of Currency to anyone who may need it.

This article shows you how to add an insurance Certificate of Currency within the Admin Console. 

Tip: Learn how to share insurance Certificates of Currency using the Admin Console here and here for the iPad and iPhone app.


Adding an Insurance Policy              

  1. Click icon1.png in the top right corner of the Admin Console
  2. Click mybusiness.png(only visible to the business owner/primary Telstra Trades Assist account holder)
  3. Click insurance.png


  1. Click addpolicy.png


  1. Enter a Policy Nickname

Tip: Identify your policies if you have multiple policies by using A Policy Nickname 

  1. Select your Insurer from the dropdown
  2. Select the Policy type (Business Protection, Commercial Motor or Workers Compensation)
  3. Enter your policy number
  4. Enter the expiration date
  5. If you wish to have a copy of your Certificate of Currency attached to every quote, turn on the toggle: attachcert.png It will turn green toggle.png to show that you are attaching the Certificate of Currency to every quote by default.

Tip:  Remove attached Certificates of Currency from individual quotes through the quote process If required 

  1. Click the grey box or drag and drop a PDF version of your Certificate of Currency to upload it

Before: before.png   After: after.png

  1. Click done.png to save the new policy to your account.
  2. Click save.png to save all of the changes to your account.  If you do not click Save, the policy will not be stored.

The new policy will now be visible.


You can add multiple policies to your Telstra Trades Assist Account.

Tip: Edit the details If you need to make any changesLearn how to edit an insurance policy within Trades Assist here

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