MYOB Ongoing Syncs


This article will show you how to perform ongoing syncs with MYOB AFTER you have performed the initial integration and initial sync with MYOB.

Once all tax codes, customers and materials have been synced from your MYOB account to Telstra Trades Assist, you are then free to perform any subsequent syncs as required.

Learn how to set up the MYOB Integration if you have not yet performed the initial integration here.

Syncing between Telstra Trades Assist and MYOB is a manual process and is split into two sections:

  1. Syncing Customers and Materials
  2. Syncing invoices

The reason we do this is to avoid any complications with syncing data. Typically you only need to sync data between the systems if you have added/removed a customer or part, or when processing invoices.  Your business practices will dictate how often this is done.  You must wait for one sync to complete before you can sync a second time.

Tip: Set Trades Assist as the master as we recommend creating new customers and parts in Telstra Trades Assist. The Master will determine which system’s information takes priority and overwrites the other if there is a difference between the two. 

For example, you have Trades Assist as the master system.  In MYOB you have a customer named “A B C Rentals”.  This has been synced to Trades Assist and shows the same customer.  You change it in MYOB to read “ABC Rentals” and run a sync.  Because Trades Assist is the master, it replaces the name back to “A B C Rentals”.  The next time you change the name in Trades Assist and run a sync.  Now the name in MYOB is set to “ABC Rentals” just as you wanted.  The master system will not delete any existing data from the subordinate system if the data is not present in the master system. 


Customers and Materials

  1. Click mceclip0.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click 
  3. Click mceclip1.png
  4. Click mceclip12.png under mceclip11.png for both  and   then set them both to
  5. Click mceclip12.png and set mceclip15.png for mceclip16.png and mceclip17.png based on if you want to share data to and from both systems or just in one direction.
  6. Click mceclip12.png and set invoices to mceclip18.png

Tip: Leave customers and materials to share so that both systems are kept up to date.

  1. Click mceclip4.png to start the synchronization.
  2. The mceclip4.png will turn to mceclip8.png and you will see a message indicating that a sync is in process.


Tip: Each time you wish to sync your data to or from Telstra Trades Assist and MYOB, follow these steps.  The set up for sharing will be saved.  Once you are happy with how the sync works, you will be able to skip steps 4 & 5 and just start the sync knowing the data will be shared how you set it up.

Tip: once you have performed step 1 check the sync email sent to your email address to view if any errors occurred, and if they have correct the errors and run the sync again.



Tip: Telstra Trades Assist will not import Invoices from MYOB, so this option is one direction only. 

Tip: Generate invoices in Trades Assist and sync them to MYOB If you are not sending invoices to the customer from Trades Assist. If you do not share invoices to MYOB, you will have to manually create them in XERO for accounting purposes. Learn about generating invoices here.

  1. Click mceclip3.png from the Side Menu
  2. Click 
  3. Click mceclip1.png
  4. Click mceclip1.png and set invoices to mceclip0.png

  1. Click mceclip4.png to start the synchronisation.
  2. The mceclip4.png will turn to mceclip8.png and you will see a message indicating that a sync is in process.



Invoices (For MYOB Essentials)

If you are using MYOB, it generates its own invoice numbers so the Trades Assist Invoice Number will become a Reference number on the MYOB invoice.  It will be listed as TELSTRA TRADES ASSIST-INVXXXX, where XXXX is the same number found in Trades Assist.  For example, INV0007 will become TELSTRA TRADES ASSIST-INV0007 on the MYOB invoice.

Invoices (For MYOB AccountRight Live)

If you are using MYOB AccountRight Live, The Trades Assist Invoice Number will take the place of the MYOB AccountRight generated Invoice Number, however with a small change. Instead of reading as INVXXXX it will appear as TELSTRA TRADES ASSISTXXXX in MYOB AccountRight Live. For example, INV0007 will become TELSTRA TRADES ASSIST0007 on the MYOB AccountRight Live invoice.

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