How to Sync Telstra Trades Assist with MYOB

Syncing between Telstra Trades Assist and MYOB is a manual process. Typically you would only need to sync data between the systems if you have added/removed a customer or part, or when processing invoices.  Your business practices will dictate how often this is done.  You must wait for one sync to complete before you can sync a second time.  Typically a sync will complete within 5 minutes.

This article shows you how to sync with MYOB and assumes you have already set up the MYOB integration.  To learn how to set up the MYOB Integration, click here


Syncing Data To/From Telstra Trades Assist and MYOB

  1. Click pic30.png from the side menu
  2. Click pic31.png
  3. Click pic32.png
  4. Confirm your sync options


  1. Click pic35.png to start the synchronisation.
  2. The pic36.png will turn to pic37.png and you will see a message indicating that a sync is in process.


Tip: When the sync completes, this message will vanish and the sync button will return to a dark blue.

  1. An email will be sent to the account signed into Telstra Trades Assist with the status and any errors in the sync.

Tip: The Sync message in red is the last thing to change, so you may see your changes in the system and/or receive the email a few minutes before the screen refreshes.  During the sync, you can click either pic39.png buttons and continue work within Telstra Trades Assist.

Tip: Each time you wish to sync your data to or from Telstra Trades Assist and MYOB, you will follow these steps.

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