Master Electricians Australia

Master Electricians is Australia's leading adviser, information source, support mechanism and advocate for Electrical Contractors. They provide a purposely selected range of benefits and services to ensure members are supported, aware, compliant and safe.

Their services include unlimited access to their technical and workplace relations hotlines; 14 valuable Standards; a safety platform; industry news; information, training and events.

This article will discuss the functions available within Telstra Trades Assist as they relate to Master Electricians Australia, and how to access them.


Accessing Master Electricians Australia Partner

  1. Click mceclip0.pngfrom the Side Menu
  2. Click the tab from the choice of partners displayed
  3. It will give the following options


  1. Click  from the tabs at the top to check services offered as displayed below.



  1. Click mceclip1.pngfor additional info about the service or mceclip4.png for a call back from Masters Electricians.
  2. Clicking mceclip1.png re-directs to the Master Electricians Australia website.
  3. Clicking mceclip4.pngsends an email to trigger a call back from a Master Electricians Australia representative.
  4. Click and then mceclip3.png to complete.


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