Managing an Insurance Certificate of Currency

Telstra Trades Assist has the functionality to save your insurance policies inside your My Business Profile so a Certificate of Currency can be attached to quotes or sent directly to a customer. The iPad and iPhone App can also notify you when your policy is about to expire.

This article shows you what kind of notifications you will see on your iPad or iPhone App when your insurance policy is coming up for renewal.

Tip: Learn how to share insurance Certificates of Currency within the iPad and iPhone app here



As long as notifications have been enabled in your Telstra Trades Assist iPad or iPhone App you will receive notifications when your insurance policy is due for renewal.

  1. When your policy is within 28 days of expiring you will see a notification to remind you to renew
  2. Tap on the reminder to see the available options
  3. If you have an insurance policy with GIO or AAMI, you will be provided with a link directly to the provider’s website and a second link to call the provider. 

Tip see other insurers will be available if you do not have an insurance policy with AAMI or GIO

  1. Tap icon1.pngto open the insurer’s website
  2. Tap icon2.pngto call your insurer
  3. Tap icon3.pngto set a reminder
  4. Tapicon4.png ignore the reminder
  5. If you tapped icon5.pngyou will be asked to set a time and date
  6. Fill in the time and date you want to be reminded
  7. Tap icon6.png
  8. The reminder will be very similar to the original notification. Tapping on this notification will give you the same options as before, including the ability to be reminded again at a later date and/or time.
  9. On the day your policy is set to expire, you will receive one last notification. You will have the same options as for the earlier notifications

Tip: Go into the My Business Profile section within the Admin Console if you have renewed your insurance policy and need to update the information in Telstra Trades Assist. Learn how to do this here

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