Release Notes 14 December 2018

Here is a summary of the changes included in version 0.8.6 

Features Added 

Our latest partner, Master Electricians Australia (MEA), is now visible in the Partner Portal where you can view information about MEA membership, electrical standards, and their industry-leading safety services. You can also request a call back from MEA with just a single click.

Admin Console

  • Users now have the option to adjust the profit on a job by entering an exact markup, profit or quoted total, as well as using the existing sliding scale.
  • A new CSV (RAW) format available in all reports to allow you to easily use your Trades Assist data in other programs.
  • The maximum period of inactivity before a user is automatically logged out has been increased to 45 minutes.
  • Jobs can now be created directly from the Customer view.

iPhone and iPad App

  • We’ve added an additional ‘lock after inactive’ option of 45 minutes for those that would prefer a longer active session time. This allows the app to remain open for 45 minutes prior to ‘locking’ after which time requires you to log in again
  • The colour scheme on Job cards in the mobile app has been updated to better reflect the following Job status
    • Complete/Closed: Green
    • New/Sent to customer/Sent for review: Black
    • Draft/Approved/Scheduled/Assigned: Grey
    • In Progress: Blue
    • Paused: Orange
  • Jobs can now be added directly from an individual customer within the Customer tab.

Minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Admin Console

  • Dashboard improved to more accurately display financial information and statistics
  • Improved accuracy of customer search results displayed when searching for a customer.
  • Scrollbar now visible in search results to clearly show where multiple results have been found.
  • Customer Details Report now includes both the customer’s main address and billing address when generated.

The changes will automatically be shown on the Admin Console next time you log in.  To update your iPad and iPhone app to version 0.8.6 follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your device
  2. Tap Updates
  3. Find Telstra Trades Assist in the list
  4. Tap Update

If you would like to know more, contact us on 1800 786 961

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