Viewing and editing Customer sites

Telstra Trades Assist allows you to attach multiple addresses to a single customer through when the customer has more than one address.

This article will show you how to view and edit existing Customer sites on the Admin Console.


Tip: Click here to learn how to add an extra Customer site


Viewing a Customer site

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Select the Customer who’s details you wish to view
  3. Click  to display the customer sites associated to this Customer

Tip:  If you wish to search directly for a Customer’s site address but do not know which Customer it belongs to:

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  from the expanded menu
  3. Click  at the top of the page and enter the site address



Editing an existing site

If you need to edit an existing Customer site

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Select the Customer you wish to edit
  3. Click  
  4. Click on the drop down arrow  located next to the site you need to edit

  5. Make all necessary changes to the site
  6. Click 

 Deleting a site

If you need to delete a Customer’s existing site

  1. Click  from the Side Menu
  2. Click  
  3. Click  from beside the site you need deleted
  4. Click 



Tip: Deleting additional sites does not affect the previous jobs and assets linked to the site. These will stay the same and continue to be connected to the site.



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