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Telstra Trades Assist stores all your Customer information and makes it easy to add and access Customer details while at a job.

Tip: Creating Customers on the mobile app is the same for both the iPhone and the iPad. The only difference is the screen size

This guide shows how to create a new Customer on the iPhone app.

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Creating a Customer

  1. Tap  from the task bar at the bottom of the app.
  2. Tap  the icon in the top right-hand corner.


  1. Choose whether the Customer is Commercial or Residential.


  1. For Commercial customers, you’ll be asked to fill in the business name and ABN before moving onto contact details. For all Customers, complete the first and last names, phone number, and email.




Tip: Tap  to add a line to enter additional contact such as an extra phone number or email address for the Customer. Tap  to delete the extra line.


Tip: if you do not need to customise referral details or payment terms skip to step 8.



  1. Scroll from top to bottom.
  2. Tap  to choose an option for how the customer heard about you.  This information can be used to analyse marketing effectiveness.
  3. Tap  under Payment Terms to set payment due date.



  1. Tap 

  2. Tap 
  3. Tap  and enter the customer’s address.


Tip:  You can add additional work sites later on, or while making a quote for the customer by choosing to add a new site.


  1. As you type, address options will appear. Select the correct address and you will return to the Site edit page.




Tip:  If the search is unable to find the address being entered you can tap  to manually fill in the address details.






  1. Tap  and the customer will be created.



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