Converting a Quote to a Job

Telstra Trades Assist allows Customers to accept or reject Quotes sent by email. If the Customer accepts the Quote via email, the Quote will automatically be converted into an unscheduled Job. Some situations may arise where the customer is unable to accept via email and the Quote has to be converted manually.

This article will show you how to convert a Quote to a Job using the Admin Console.

Tip: Learn how to convert a quote to a job using the mobile app on the iPhone or iPad app here.


Manually Sending a Quote

If the customer you’re performing a job for does not have an email address but still wishes to receive a copy of the quote, you are able to manually download the quote to provide the customer once it has been generated within trades Assist.

  1. Click from the Side Menu
  2. Find the job from the list of jobs displayed.

Tip: Click then select from the filters under  on the right-hand side to filter by jobs which have been quoted but not yet responded to.

  1. Click  to download the PDF. This will save a copy to your local files.
  2. You can now open the PDF and provide to the customer as required.


Converting a Quote to a Job                                                                        

  1. Click from the Side Menu
  2. Click the quote you wish to convert



  1. Click from the drop-down and select 


  1. The quote will move to Approved and you will be taken to the Planner to schedule it. The Job will now appear as Approved in Jobs


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