Accepting or declining a Job


When a Job is scheduled to you, you will receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad prompting you to accept or reject the Job.  All Jobs must be accepted or rejected before you start the job and work commences.

This article will demonstrate how to accept or reject a job or task from a mobile notification and how to accept your own jobs if you have permission to schedule from an iPhone.  If you are using an iPad, it will be similar.

Tip: Set to Persistent in your notification settings. Learn more about managing your notifications on your iPhone or iPad here.


Accepting a Job Request notification

  1. If a job has been scheduled to you, a Job Requested notification will be received by your iPhone or iPad

  1. If a Task has been scheduled a Task Requested notification will be received


  1. Swipe the Notification to view the Job Detail

  1. This will open the Job

  1. Tap  to bring up the menu

  1. Tap  to accept the Job Request
  2. Alternatively if you want to view the job request in your calendar to double check any conflicts tap 
  3. You can accept a Job in Calendar by tapping  for menu options.

  1. After a Job has been accepted its status will change to Assigned, meaning the Job is assigned to you and ready to start


Rejecting a Job Requested notification

  1. In most cases, you will accept jobs or tasks but sometimes you may need to decline a job. If a job needs to be declined, go to step 6 above and instead of accepting, decline the job.


  1. When you decline a job, your admin will receive a job notification advising them the job has been rejected


Accepting a Job via Jobs

  1. A job that has been scheduled to you but is awaiting an accept/reject response will appear in the Requires Attention section in Jobs

  1. Return to step 4 to continue accepting or declining the job.


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